ACU report clarifies role of hospital chaplains

The Australian Catholic University (ACU) last week handed Queensland Health a report on pastoral care and chaplaincy services that recognised that expectations need to satisfy the Department's duty of care while not placing unreasonable expectations on pastoral carers.

The report, titled Development of Roles and Education for Pastoral Care Workers in Queensland Health was provided to Queensland Health representatives, Principal Allied Health Adviser, Ms Paula Bowman and Principal Project Officer, Mr Ian Callow.

Queensland Health granted the 12 month research project to ACU National, conducted from June 2004 to May 2005, in an effort to gain greater awareness of, and to progress, the roles and education of pastoral care workers in Queensland Health.

The extensive report providing suggested recommendations was compiled by Chief Investigator and ACU National Senior Lecturer of Psychology, Dr John Barletta together with Project Coordinator and ACU National Research Assistant, Ms Kate Witteveen.

Dr Barletta said in developing suggested recommendations, expectations needed to satisfy Queensland Health's duty of care while not placing unreasonable and onerous expectations on pastoral carers and chaplains who were predominantly volunteers.

"It was great to help the State health department develop systems to progress religious and spiritual support within the hospital context. I am confident this functional document will be used in a multiplicity of ways and prove to be extremely beneficial for Queensland Health," said Dr Barletta.

Ms Witteveen said examination into the coordination and delivery of pastoral care in Queensland Health revealed a complex situation.

"It is my hope the recommendations developed to address the deliverables of this project provide motivation, strategies and resources which contribute to enhancing the consistency and quality of pastoral care/chaplaincy services in the unique operating environment of Queensland Health," said Ms Witteveen.

Pictured: Chief Investigator and ACU National Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology, Dr John Barletta hands report to Principal Allied Health Adviser, Ms Paula Bowman

ACU National provides pastoral recommendations to Queensland Health (Australian Catholic University 24/6/05)

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27 Jun 2005