Pell tells principals to persuade young to attend Mass

Cardinal George Pell has issued a challenge to principals and teachers to play a greater role in encouraging young people to attend Mass.

The Catholic Weekly reports that he told delegates at the Association of Catholic Schools Principals (NSW/ACT) Conference in Wollongong last week that Catholic schools had a duty "to prepare children for this world and the next".

"We worry about the young not attending Mass, but I wonder how many times at primary or secondary school the students hear that . if you are a follower of Christ then there is an obligation to worship regularly," he said.

Cardinal Pell also urged the clergy to forge closer links with Catholic schools.

He said Catholic schools had traditionally played an extremely important role in Australian society by providing "social mobility" through education for children from poor families.

He said he was concerned at the falling percentages of poorer Catholic families who now send their children to Catholic schools.

"We should all work to maintain the tribe," he said. "I am a great believer in tribalism."

Cardinal: encourage young to attend Mass (Catholic Weekly 5/6/05)

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Association of Catholic School Principals

2 Jun 2005