Catholics lobby welcomes what Budget did for overseas poor

PolMin - the Australian Political Ministry Network - has pointed out that whilst talk of tax cuts dominated budget week, there was little attention given by the Federal Budget to serving needs of the overseas poor.

Announced in last week's Budget was an increase of almost 12% on last year's foreign aid, taking our level of Official Development Assistance to $2.491 billion.

PolMin yesterday welcomed the increase, and the Foreign Minister's commitment to developing a white paper for medium-term sound future aid delivery.

But PolMin said that central to this strategic blueprint for aid delivery must be the United Nations Millennium Development Goals' framework for alleviating poverty.

"Under these goals, our Government needs to work towards increasing its aid budget to the United Nations agreed target of 0.7% of Gross National Income (GNI)", said Regina Lane, Coordinator of PolMin.

"Despite the budget increase, which puts foreign aid up to 0.28% of our GNI, Australia still has a long way to go before it meets its international obligations.

The Australian Political Ministry Network Ltd (PolMin) is a national not for profit organisation "committed to bringing about systemic change in Australian society through the influencing of public policy for the common good in accordance with the principles of Catholic social teaching".

Budgeting for the Poor: Federal Budget 2005 (PolMin 16/5/05)

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17 May 2005