Dominican says Pope favours power-sharing

A US priest who has worked with Pope Benedict XVI has suggested the Holy Father's inclusion of a bishop's mitre in his coat of arms suggests he regards collegiality, or Rome's sharing power with local bishops, as important.

Associated Press reports that Fr Augustine Di Noia, undersecretary in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, told Vatican Radio lasat week that the absence of the traditional papal tiara from the coat of arms is significant.

He said the choice indicates Benedict does not want to be seen as a "monarch", but rather as the bishop of Rome.

Meanwhile the Holy Father yesterday told 21 men being ordained to the priesthood that "all of us" are "part of the network of obedience to the word of Christ".

He said the church's mission "must continuously put us into motion, make us restless, to bring to those who suffer, to those who are in doubt, and even to those who are reluctant, the joy of Christ."

He said that Christ "calls us to be His witnesses," and mentioned the necessity of "being with God," of seeking "intimate communion with Christ," in order "not to give in to fatigue, but to resist and, even more so, to grow as people and as priests."

"Time to be in the presence of God", he stressed, "is a true pastoral priority; in the final analysis, the most important priority. John Paul II demonstrated this to us in the most tangible and luminous of ways in all the circumstances of his life and his ministry."

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16 May 2005