Sydney Archdiocese to double chaplaincy on campuses

The Sydney Archdiocese has moved to extend its reach into Sydney's university campuses with a doubling of chaplaincy staff on at least three campuses, and daily Mass for students.

But the report in this morning's Sydney Morning Herald also says that TAFE, with about 500,000 students, has lost its two part-time chaplains under the restructure, which has begun at Sydney University and will extend to Macquarie University, then the universities of NSW and the Technology Sydney.

The restructure, which is being directed by the Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, is outlined in tomorrow's issue of Online Catholics.

A convener responsible for all university chaplains and a school-to-university co-ordinator have been appointed to build a "Catholic culture" among tertiary students.

The convener of Tertiary Chaplains, Stephen Lawrence, said the five-year aim was to have at least two chaplains at each large campus in the diocese and provide daily Mass.

One of the extra positions at Sydney University would be a general schools co-ordinator to bridge the gapbetween high school and university. TAFE was left out because of limited resources, Mr Lawrence said.

"The focus is primarily on larger universities which allow for a student life on campus; and once these priorities are established and maintained, the hope would be to extend back into TAFE and new universities like Notre Dame," he said.

"Part of the reason for the focus on universities is their leadership role. That's not to say people in trades are not important to the church - they are - but TAFE is populated by a lot of people coming in and out. There are a lot of part-timers."

Mass appeal to Catholics on campus (Sydney Morning Herald 31/5/05)

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31 May 2005