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Moscow patriarch hopes new Pope will change policy

The Russian Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow hopes for "a new era in relations" with the Holy See under the next Pope.

Catholic World News reports that Patriarch Alexei II, who frequently criticised Vatican policies during the pontificate of John Paul II, said that the next Pope should show "the necessary wisdom and tact" to advance relations with the Moscow patriarchate.

In an interview with the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, the Russian prelate called for the eliminations of "all the complications that are an obstacle" to ecumenical relations, so that the Catholic and Russian Orthodox churches could focus on their "shared witness" to the Gospel.

Patriarch Alexei noted that the two largest Christian bodies are in accord on many important contemporary issues, such as "the erosion of respect for life and social injustice in the world." Joint efforts in those areas could advance the Christian cause, he said.

Meanwhile the Vatican announced yesterday that all those who will be part of Monday's conclave will be called to take their oath on tomorrow.

The Office of Liturgical Celebrations of the Supreme Pontiff said that all those involved in the forthcoming conclave - both clergy and laity, as approved by the cardinal camerlengo and by the three cardinal assistants, and in keeping with the norms of paragraph 48 of the Apostolic Constitution 'Universi Domini gregis' - will be obligated to swear prescribed oath on Friday.

Those who will be present, in accordance with paragraph 46 of Universi Dominici gregis, include clergy, but also doctors and nurses, chefs, cleaners, and lift attendants.

The participants will first be instructed as to the meaning of the oath, and will have to pronounce and personally sign the prescribed formula before Cardinal Eduardo Martinez Somalo, camerlengo of Holy Roman Church.

According to the Vatican, the signing must also take place in the presence of two masters of pontifical ceremonies (Universi Dominici gregis, paras. 48).

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14 Apr 2005