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Generation Y embracing mix and match religion

A study in the United States says that most young people in Generation Y (born between 1980 and 2000) strongly believe in having choices, an attitude that is likely to shape their identification with traditional religions.

Generation Y is "bringing [media] industries to their knees" by embracing IPod, TiVo (TV timeshifting) and other technologies that allow unprecedented consumer choice, said Roger Bennett, co-founder of Reboot, a Jewish group that is examining generational issues.

The big question is how traditional religions will respond to a new generation of Americans who value choice, informality and personal expression, he said.

It may mean the rise of "orthodoxy a la carte," where, as with IPods and music, young Americans take a "mix and match" approach to religion, said Bill Galston, a domestic policy adviser in the Clinton administration.

Generation Y Embraces Choice, Redefines Religion (Pew Forum/Washington Times 12/4/05)

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13 Apr 2005