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Vatican to open Pope's grotto

The College of Cardinals resumed its pre-conclave discussions about the state of the Church yesterday as the Vatican prepared to open the grottos beneath St. Peter's Basilica to the public for the first time since Pope John Paul II was laid to rest there.

Starting at 7:00 am local time today, the public will be able to visit John Paul's simple tomb, placed in the ground and covered by a plain white-marble slab etched with his name and the dates of his pontificate.

Cardinals were expected to visit the tomb as a group on Tuesday evening following the fifth of nine Masses of mourning for John Paul, celebrated by Brazilian Cardinal Eugenio Sales de Araujo.

The Mass is celebrated with the participation of the entire College of Cardinals, in front of thousands of pilgrims and is broadcast live on Italian television. By its very nature it raises the profile of whoever leads it.

The homily delivered during the daily ritual also is closely scrutinised for signals indicating how the cardinal may vote in the upcoming conclave to choose a new pope or what his priorities might be.

So far, the cardinals have been careful to abide by a pledge of silence regarding all things related to the conclave, which begins on Monday. However, at the end of Monday's meeting, Indian Cardinal Varkey Vithayathil was quoted as telling the APcom news agency he thought John Paul's successor would be chosen quickly.

"We'll have John Paul II's successor in a couple of days, maximum three," he was quoted as telling APcom. "In my opinion, it will be a rather short conclave, at least it seems to me these are the prospects."

Outside in St. Peter's Square, special edition Vatican stamps went on sale yesterday. The "vacant see" stamps mark the period between John Paul's death and the election of his successor, and are expected to be snapped up quickly by collectors.

The Vatican also released a video giving outsiders a peek at the conclave where a new pope will be selected by the 115 cardinals who are under age 80 and thus eligible to vote.

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13 Apr 2005