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Archbishop says John Paul II canonisation could happen this year

Archbishop Edward Nowak, the secretary for the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, has told an Italian newspaper that Pope John Paul II could be named a saint as early as October.

He said in an interview with the daily Corriere della Sera that six months could be enough time to attribute the required two miracles to John Paul II.

Catholic News Agency says that despite reports of miracles carried out by John Paul II during his lifetime, only those occurring after his death would count toward his sainthood.

The Polish-born archbishop said the next Pope could choose to bypass the usual lengthy procedure, which dictates that the process for beatification begin only five years after a person's death. Pope John Paul II himself waived the five-year rule for Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, whose canonization process began only a year and a half after her death.

Since the Pope's death earlier this month, there has been great enthusiasm among the faithful for his speedy canonisation.

Rome's city council is also preparing to honour the late Pope by renaming the main railway station (Termini) after him. The announcement was made by the city's mayor, Walter Veltroni, after the Pope's funeral last week. The area on the outskirts of Rome, called Tor Vergata, will also be named after John Paul II, the mayor announced. The late pontiff had welcomed two million young people there for World Youth Day 2000.

Meanwhile former Boston Archbishop Cardinal Bernard Law yesterday celebrated the third Mass of the "Novendiale" for the repose of the soul of Pope John Paul II.

Cardinal Law, Archpriest of the Basilica of St. Mary Major, recalled the late Pontiff's ties with the four patriarchal basilicas.

He is most remembered for being forced to resign from his position as Archbishop of Boston, in disgrace, because he shielded from the law priests later convicted of the sex abuse of minors. Catholic News Agency says a "lone protester" was yesterday escorted off St Peter's Square.

Associated Press reports that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, and Law himself through an aide, declined to comment on his participation in the Mass. While the protest was quiet, his participated attracted a flood of outrage prior to the event.

The Zenit news service has published figures on Friday's funeral supplied by Rome city council, which reveal that, in two millennia of Christianity, Rome had not received as many pilgrims as it did for John Paul II's funeral.

The figures show that three million pilgrims came to Rome to farewell the Pope. Some 250,000 were able to participate in the funeral rites on Friday in St. Peter's Square and in the Via della Conciliazione.

About 1.4 million faithful rendered homage to John Paul II's mortal remains in St. Peter's Basilica, and 10,000 volunteers of the Civil Protection, the municipality of Rome, the Boy Scouts, and other organisations assisted, and 8963 members of the security forces helped maintain public order.

Meanwhile the apostolic nuncio in the Arabian Peninsula described the media coverage of John Paul II's death, in both Arabic and English, as "amazing and beautiful".

Archbishop Giuseppe De Andrea, nuncio to Kuwait, Yemen, Bahrain and Qatar, and apostolic delegate in the Arabian Peninsula (Saudi Arabia, Oman and the United Arab Emirates), told Zenit that the newspaper headlines were moving: "We Are All Orphans."

"The newspapers dedicated the front page, many inside pages and photographs to the Pope," he said. He added that his office received the condolences of the authorities, as well as notes from many diplomats.

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12 Apr 2005