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Quiet on the eve of Pope's funeral

The city of Rome is calm on Thursday night local time - Friday morning in Australia - the eve of the funeral for Pope John Paul II, with officials are bracing for unprecedented crowds.

Catholic World News reports that on Wednesday evening local time, police closed off access to the long line of mourners waiting to view the deceased Pope's body in St. Peter's Basilica. Some people have managed to insert themselves into the line, but the crush of people approaching the Vatican has eased considerably.

It is possible to view the darkened St Peter's Square on Vatican TV's webcast.

Late on Thursday afternoon (overnight in Sydney), there were still about 150,000 people in the line-- a mere fraction of the number from the previous day. The public viewing of the Pope's remains will continue until the early hours of Friday, when preparations will begin for the funeral.

The line of mourners now includes many people carrying Polish flags: representatives of a veritable army of Polish Catholics who have arrived in Rome to honor their native son. By Friday morning, officials expect one million or more Poles to have arrived: by plane, bus, train, and private cars.

Police are broadcasting public-service messages constantly in hopes of easing traffic congestion. Italian cell-phone carriers are also sending out text messages, reminding customers of both the severe restrictions that have been imposed on vehicular traffic around the city on Friday, and the new efforts made by authorities to accommodate pilgrims.

On Thursday morning, the perimeter of the Vatican was cordoned off, and access severely restricted. Many pilgrims have made themselves as comfortable as possible on the sidewalks of nearby streets, or around the Castel Sant'Angelo a few blocks away, waiting for authorities to open St. Peter's Square early on Friday morning. Many thousands of people are still pouring into the city-- their arrival delayed by brutal traffic snarls and delays in train schedules. Since they are being strongly advised not to approach the Vatican immediately upon their arrival, they are settling into quarters in other parts of the city. No one knows how many of these people will join the enormous crowds for the funeral.

City officials are reluctant to estimate the size of the crowd for the funeral, Catholic World News suggests the number will exceed 2 million, and the highest estimates range upward to 5 million-- approaching the size of the crowdd that gathered around Pope John Paul II for World Youth Day in Manila, probably the largest crowd in world history.

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8 Apr 2005