E-giving company claims its technology boosts church collections

Both churchgoers and churches in the US say they are benefiting from a service that allows people to have their weekly offering deducted electronically by debit or credit card, instead of them having to put money onto the collection plate at Mass.

Catholic News Service reports on the findings of a survey by ParishPay, an organisation that offers electronic giving services to churches in the US.

In its survey, 98.7% of the 1000 respondents said they would recommend ParishPay to others and 96.4% said ParishPay is much better than collection envelopes.

ParishPay claims that its technology increases revenues because it makes giving easier.

ParishPay's sister companies, InTuition and Appeal Advantage, operate to collect school fees for Catholic schools, and to handle a parish's capital giving campaign.

Survey shows high-tech giving program benefits churches, churchgoers (Catholic News Service 26/4/05)

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28 Apr 2005