Josephite Justice aims to secure safe homes for all

Meeting in North Sydney at the weekend, the Josephite Sisters' Justice Network has resolved to lobbying governments to ensure that all people, particularly the most vulnerable, have access to secure housing.

The Network consists of Sisters of Saint Joseph from all Australian States and New Zealand.

The group issued a statement and fact sheet asserting the principle that every person has the right to safe, secure, affordable housing.

It described the information it uncovered as "startling".

The statistics include the fact that ther are 100,000 Australians are without safe, secure, affordable housing - 1 in 200 Australians has no home.

* Half of the people without a home will stay with friends or family.
* About 2 in every 7 will find a bed in a boarding house.
* 1 in every 7 will sleep rough on the streets of our cities and towns.
* A lucky 1 in every 7 will find a bed in the homeless service system.
* 1 in every 3 Australians without a home will be a child under 12.

The Josephite Justice Network is determined that by the feast day of Mary MacKillop on the 8th August, a million signatures will be collected on a petition and presented to the Australian and NZ governments requesting that, as a matter of urgency, they will increase funding for public housing and accompanying support services.

Josephite Justice to secure safe homes for all (Sisters of St Joseph 18/4/05)

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19 Apr 2005