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Cardinal tells Catholics to reject Labour over abortion

The Catholic Church in England and Wales entered Britain's election campaign yesterday by backing opposition leader Michael Howard's stance on abortion and withdrawing its traditional support for Tony Blair's Labour Party.

The Times reports that Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor ensured that abortion would play a greater part in the coming election than any other by praising the Tory leader's call for a cut in the legal abortion limit from 24 to 20 weeks.

The Archbishop of Westminster went on to admit that Labour is no longer the natural party of choice for the UK's six million Catholics.

His views could be particularly significant in marginal constituencies with large Catholic populations such as the West Midlands, the North West and parts of London.

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor spoke out after the three main party leaders gave their personal views on abortion traditionally a matter for conscience rather than party policy to Cosmopolitan magazine.

Mr Howard's commitment to find parliamentary time for a debate on cutting the legal time limit contrasted with Mr Blair's view that there was no pressing need for a change. The Prime Minister made clear that there would be no change under Labour, arguing that women would be "criminalised".

The Cardinal said: "I am very pleased that this has been brought out on to the public agenda and that there is going to be a debate about it, both in the lead-up to and after the next election. It is a key issue. The position is that we are totally opposed to abortion."

Praising Mr Howard's commitment to reducing the time limit, he said: "This is something we can commend on the way to a full abandonment of abortion."

He spoke out as the Catholic bishops of England and Wales issued their general election letter advising Catholics on how to decide about casting their vote. The issues included marriage and the family, criminal justice, education, the global common good and immigration.

Following widespread media attention, the Cardinal issued a statement of clarification stressing that his public stand does not amount to endorsement of the Opposition Conservative Party. But he admitted that he is "intervening" in politics, "because there is a point at which religion and politics touch".

He said: "There are moral issues which affect the good of society as a whole about which I, as a religious leader, cannot stay silent, because the Gospel is not silent on them."

The Cardinal pointed out that in commending the Opposition's call for a reduction in the time limit on abortion, he was also praising the Government on its initiatives to tackle debt and poverty.

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16 Mar 2005