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The "Lord's Day" worst for accidents

Sunday is the most dangerous day in the home for accidents, according to figures released after a survey by a British insurance company.

The Irish Independent reports that the statistics reveal that a third of all household accidents happen at weekends.

Sundays are the most accident-prone days giving rise to 16.07% of total accident claims compared to the rest of the week, with Friday being the least accident-prone day accounting for just 13.09% of claims.

However, last year claims for accidents in the home dropped by nearly 40% on Mother's Day, according to research by Post Office Home Insurance.

Mike Smith, at Post Office said: "Sundays are traditionally a day when the whole family is at home and therefore there is a greater chance of accidents."

And on the Sabbath God created . . . danger (Irish Independent 28/2/05)

Post Office Home Insurance

29 Mar 2005