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Gibson's Fatima follow-up to The Passion

Mel Gibson's follow-up to his successful The Passion of the Christ movie could be about the three Fatima children who are believed to have seen a vision of the Virgin Mary.

Gibson was reportedly moved after a secret meeting one of the three - Sr Lucia - at her convent shortly before she died last month at the age of 98 (pictured).

In 1917, Lucia, 10, and her cousins, Jacinta and Francisco, won international fame when they said the Virgin Mary appeared to them in a vision at Fatima, Portugal.

The shepherd children said that in the vision the Virgin predicted World War II, turmoil in Russia and a Pope being shot. After the vision, Lucia became a Carmelite nun.

She was desperate to see The Passion of the Christ . So last year Gibson had equipment set up so that it could be shown at the convent.

After the screening, Gibson spoke to Sr Lucia for about an hour, through a metal grille.

A film insider in Rome said: "This idea is still very much at the initial stages, but Mel is keen to make a movie about Sr Lucia and the visions she had at Fatima."

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8 Mar 2005