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Bishop heads community leaders' delegation on Timor boundary

A delegation of community leaders, led by Melbourne auxiliary Bishop Hilton Deakin, presented a letter to a Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade representative in Canberra yesterday urging Australia respect East Timor's legal entitlements under international law.

East Timor has argued it is being cut out of billions of dollars through an incorrect understanding of the sea boundaries. At stake are oil and gas deposits worth an estimated $41 billion and negotiations between the two countries are continuing.

The "people's" delegation also includes Greens Senator Bob Brown and businessman Ian Melrose, who is funding a TV ad campaign from his own pocket. Melrose said that ads he has scheduled for Anzac Day ads feature Australian World War II veterans who fought the Japanese on Timor.

Bishop Deakin said he wants to speak for all Australians of good will and people who believe in a fair go.

"The majority of Australians want our government to offer a fair deal that reflects East Timor's rightful entitlement under current international law," he said.

"The way in which our governments have behaved in the past in ignoring jurisdictions by withdrawing from them, redefining boundaries and redefining principles about boundaries, is nothing short of a very sophisticated way of depriving the people of what nature gave them."

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8 Mar 2005