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Pope's message to Berlusconi on hero Nicola Calipari

A telegram from Pope John Paul II has added to pressure on Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to bow to the will of the people on the country's involvement in Iraq, following the death of special services agent Nicola Calipari, a brother of Pontifical Academy for Life bioethicist Fr Maurizio Calipari.

The Missionary Service News Agency reports that the Pope sent two telegrams following the revelation that Calipari was fatally wounded as he shielded released Italian hostage Giuliana Sgrena from US military bullets at a Baghdad checkpoint.

The telegrams were sent to Berlusconi, and Calipari's brother, who is a permanent member of the Pontifical Academy for Life.

The Pope also noted that he admired "the heroic gesture borne of a sense of duty and by the feelings of Christian virtue".

A memorial ceremony took place in a Vatican chapel to commemorate the life of "hero Nicola".

Meanwhile Pope John Paul II yesterday blessed a cheering crowd gathered at his Rome hospital, where he is recovering from breathing problems, as the traditional Angelus blessing was conducted in his absence at St. Peter's Square.

Vatican Deputy Secretary Archbishop Leonardo Sandri read a statement from the Holy Father as the blessing commenced.

In it, the pope expresses gratitude for "many signs of affections I am receiving," in particular thanking Jews and Muslims along with cardinals, priests and bishops and political leaders. "This is a very important sign for me, which makes me give thanks to God."

The Vatican, the pope said in his message, has been inundated with e-mails regarding his condition.

The appearance at his window in Gemelli Polyclinic was much longer than that of a week ago. He made the sign of the cross several times to several hundred people gathered outside.

Earlier, cameras showed the pope in his wheelchair, flanked by Vatican officials and doctors, as he followed the blessing, bowing his head in prayer. His image was broadcast in St. Peter's Square.

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7 Mar 2005