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Bishop says Schiavo case may influence Australian laws

Sydney's Bishop Anthony Fisher has said the tragic slow death of Terri Schiavo in Florida after the removal of a feeding tube may be morally akin to active euthanasia.

The case of the brain-damaged Schiavo has gained world attention, "partly because of the human tragedy", he told the Catholic Weekly for this week's lead story (pictured).

The death of 41-year-old from starvation and dehydration was regarded as imminent. Early this morning Sydney time, the Atlanta-based 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against a fourth appeal by her parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, to have the tube re-inserted. The tube was removed on 18 March on a Florida judge's order.

Bishop Fisher, a bioethicist and former lawyer, said that even though US legal cases are not binding precedents here, because the US is a leader of world opinion, important American cases can influence laws elsewhere.

He pointed to a tendency in many jurisdictions in recent years, including in Victoria, for courts to allow the non-treatment and even the non-feeding of people who are thought by others to be "better off dead".

Justice Stuart Morris ruled in the Victorian Supreme Court in 2003 that food and hydration given artificially is a form of medical treatment rather than palliative care and therefore could be refused under the Victorian Medical Treatment Act.

Bishop Fisher said: "There is a real risk of euthanasia by neglect of reasonable care becoming an accepted practice in our community despite our rejection, through our laws and medical ethics, of more active forms of euthanasia.

"Morally there may be very little difference, and the practice of euthanasia-by-starvation now may be a prelude to euthanasia-by-poisoning later.

"The important thing for us as a Catholic community is to keep insisting that every human being, no matter how disabled, is an image of God, the bearer of human dignity, and entitled to basic care such as feeding and hydration, even if that requires some medical or nursing assistance," he said.

Schiavo case may influence our laws (Catholic Weekly 3/4/05)

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31 Mar 2005