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British Cardinal compares abortion to Nazi eugenics

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor of England and Wales has said the UK's policy on abortion is similar to Nazi Germany's eugenics experiments and killings.

The London Independent reports that he also defended his recent intervention in the country's political debate ahead of the forthcoming general election. He stopped just short of recommending a vote for the Conservatives, who favour a more restrictive policy on abortion.

A "majority of the British people" agree with his views and were uneasy with the law on abortion, the Cardinal said. In an article in The Sunday Telegraph, he said abortion meant "the terrible truth is that it is the strong who decide the fate of the weak; human beings therefore become instruments in the hands of other human beings. That way lies eugenics, and we know from German history where that leads."

Jewish groups were angered by the Cardinal's attempts to link the abortion issue with the Holocaust. Rabbi Jonathan Romain, a spokesman for the Reform Synagogues of Great Britain, said: "I strongly disagree with the Cardinal."

Cardinal: Abortion as bad as Nazi eugenics (The Independent 28/3/05)

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29 Mar 2005