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Pope's silent Easter Sunday blessing, then no show Monday

Pope John Paul II appeared at his window above St Peter's Square on Sunday, silently blessing thousands of Easter pilgrims, although he was unable to deliver his traditional urbi et orbi address.

The London Independent reports that he appeared "less haggard" than during his last public appearance on Wednesday, and made the sign of the cross. But when he tried to speak, he was unable to say a word, leading aides to remove a microphone from in front of him.

The Pope watched services from his private chapel, where a video link beamed his image on to screens erected at the Colosseum but the Vatican camera only filmed him from the side.

"The Pope is definitely going to survive the Easter holidays," a Vatican source said. "There have been too many Cardinals going on holiday away from Rome for his death to be considered imminent. The question is how long he can continue after the Easter break."

Yesterday, the Holy Father failed to appear for his usual Easter Monday blessing that marks the end of papal Holy Week celebrations.

But despite the no show, there was no immediate indication that his health has worsened.

Although the Vatican had never confirmed this year's event, expectant crowds filled St Peter's Square, chanting the Pope's name and hoping for a glimpse of him.

However, the Pope's windows remained firmly shut, and after waiting more than an hour in the huge square, many of the pilgrims reluctantly started to drift away.

It was the first time during his 26-year papacy that John Paul had failed to appear at midday (local time) on Easter Monday for the brief blessing.

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29 Mar 2005