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Audience cancelled, but Pope blesses crowd from window

Although the Vatican announced the cancellation of Pope John Paul II's general audience scheduled for yesterday, the pilgrims came anyway and were rewarded with a brief appearance by the Holy Father.

Catholic News Service reports that large groups from Poland, Spain, Mexico and Italy staked themselves out in St Peter's Square early yesterday, unfurled their banners, waved their flags, and sang hymns in their respective languages.

A written announcement in Italian flashed onto four large video screens installed before Holy Week in the square: "The Holy Father will come to his studio window at 11:00 to bless the faithful."

As the news spread, the crowd in the square slowly grew.

A huge roar of applause and cheers rose up when the fifth-floor window of the pope's residence opened a few minutes before 11:00 am, but it was a false alarm: It was the pope's valet and assistant secretary who poked their heads out to hang the red papal tapestry outside the window.

The singing and chanting grew stronger as the people waited. Then at 11:13 a.m., the curtains parted, the pope appeared and, looking determined, blessed the crowd.

His appearance lasted less than a minute, but it was enough to move many to tears.

For the first time in his pontificate, Pope John Paul is skipping most Holy Week and Easter activities. He is still convalescing from the 24 February tracheotomy he underwent to ease breathing difficulties brought on by the flu.

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24 Mar 2005