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Archbishop's Easter hope for happy ending to our own 'culture of death'

Alluding to the modern "culture of death" that Pope John Paul II has often spoken about, Melbourne's Archbishop Denis Hart has said that "the fact that Easter Day is on the horizon means that we do not give up hope".

Archbishop Hart (pictured) said in his Easter message that the culture of death is a 21st century phenomenon in our community. But, he added, it is a "continuation of the Passion of the One Man who willingly gave Himself into our violent hands".

"The last hundred years has seen the abuse of human life - in everything from warfare to abortion, from failure to feed the hungry to euthanasia - reach a scale previously unimaginable," he said.

He said that the story we hear this week "simply ends with the silence of death and a tomb". While we know that the happy ending will come, the timing of Holy Week "forces us to confront the death of Jesus and, in His death, the death of every human person".

"We are reminded to continue our struggle against the Culture of Death and in our constant witness to the Lord and Giver of Life we become aware that the awful necessity that that struggle begins within us," he said.

Archbishop John Bathersby of Brisbane also says Easter gives up hope that we might get over death.

"Often now I long for a moment, even if only an hour, when I might see my mother and father again, as well as my grandparents and extended family, to ask those questions that had not arisen when they were alive," he said. "Easter each year is a ringing declaration that I will see all these people again in the company of God and the saints."

Meanwhile Cardinal George Pell of Sydney said in his message that Easter is a time to get to know the Christian God through the drama of Jesus' passion.

"Through Jesus' teachings and actions we obtain insight into what God is like," he said. "That is why Christians love to tell and retell the Easter story."

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24 Mar 2005