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Caritas issues last minute Project Compassion reminder

Caritas Autralia national director Jack de Groot has urged Catholics to remember to complete their donations to the Project Compassion lenten appeal as soon as possible after this week's conclusion of Lent.

"On behalf of those suffering the crushing effects of poverty throughout the world, I urge you to remember to fill up your Project Compassion Box or to fill in the donation spot on your Lenten Sharepack envelopes and return them to your parish or Caritas Australia offices," he said.

"We know that many people have been very generous this year - particularly when they gave so much to our Asian Earthquake Appeal. But the trouble is, we need to look after the enormous numbers of people in other parts of the world whose lives are brutally shortened or diminished because of the effects of war, disease, famine and natural disasters.

"The number of deaths caused by the tsunami occurs every two weeks in Africa - that is a very high level of suffering indeed," Mr de Groot said. "Some people feel helpless in the face of these figures but we could halve world poverty by the year 2015 with a concerted effort and focused commitment. By giving to Project Compassion you are starting to make that commitment."

"Every Project Compassion box counts. Even if it arrives after Easter, we will still be able to count it towards Project Compassion so it's worth sending it rather than thinking it's too late," Mr de Groot said.

A reminder about Project Compassion (Caritas Australia 17/3/05)

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23 Mar 2005