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Vox Clara OKs born again ICEL translations body

The Vatican's Vox Clara ad-hoc group of 12 English-speaking bishops, chaired by Cardinal George Pell, has noted "impressive improvements" in the most recent texts submitted by the International Commission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL), in which it now has confidence.

The Tablet reports that Vox Clara was officially set up in 2001 to "give advice to the Congregation regarding matters of liturgical translations of Latin liturgical texts into the English language". But its role was widely regarded as "reining in" the deficient International Commission on English in the Liturgy, on behalf of the Congregation for Divine Worship.

The positive message released after Vox Clara's seventh gathering - held in Rome from 8-10 March - is a further signal that the committee has completed the job.

The Tablet suggests that although the Vox Clara committee is scheduled to meet again in Rome in July, it is now believed to have sufficient trust in the work of ICEL and could, in practice, allow the commission to oversee the missal's translation without further need to be involved.

One source told the paper: "They've successfully turned ICEL into what they wanted in the first place, so they [Vox Clara] probably just close down."

A press release at the end of the Vox Clara meeting said: "The committee was provided with a copy of the latest revision of ICEL's translation of a selection of prayers from the Proper of Seasons in the Missale Romanum."

The Roman Missal is the collection of prayers used at Mass. The third Latin edition of the missal, issued in 2002, is still to be translated into a Vatican-approved English edition.

"The timely completion of an English-language edition of the Missale Romanum remains the highest priority," the press release said, but no one is willing to put a projected date on its publication.

Cardinal Francis George, Archbishop of Chicago, a member of the Vox Clara committee, told the National Catholic Reporter he thought it would be at least three more years - and that sounded optimistic.

"The members urged that all possible resources should be devoted to the expeditious completion of a vernacular edition which is at once precise in its rendering of the Latin texts and appropriate for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist in English," the communiqué continued.

Vox Clara clears way for new text (The Tablet 19/3/05)

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18 Mar 2005