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Pope blesses crowd from St Peter's studio

Returning to his studio window above St Peter's Square yesterday, Pope John Paul addressed a sea of worshippers with a strong assurance that he's on the rebound after his ten day hospitalisation.

An aide delivered most of the message, but at the very end the pope's voice rang out clearly: "Happy Sunday to everybody. Thank you."

The 84-year-old looked alert as he waved to the crowd with a trembling hand. He gave a brief greeting before Argentine Archbishop Leonardo Sandri carried on with the address. Thousands of pilgrims applauded and some shouted "Viva il Papa!" or "Long live the pope!"

"We meet again in this place to praise the Lord," the pope said in his message, read by the bishop.

The pope was rushed to a Rome hospital on 1 February with breathing difficulties after coming down with the flu. He returned to the Vatican (news - web sites) Thursday.

In a subtle rebuttal to rumors the pope might step down because of his frail health, the bishop read on the pope's behalf a message saying: "I always need your help before the Lord, for carrying out my mission that Jesus entrusted to me."

His message included an appeal for Iraqi hostages, including kidnapped Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena.

On Friday, the pope's first full day out of the hospital, the Vatican's official newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, also sought to quash resignation rumors with the headline: "The rudder is still in his hands."

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14 Feb 2005