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Premier Carr calls Caritas a 'voice of calm'

NSW Premier Bob Carr told the Sydney launch of the Project Compassion lenten appeal that Caritas Australia is a "voice of calm, and reason, and commonsense, and kindness" in "a world aflame with murder and poisoned with intertribal hatreds".

The Catholic Weekly reports that the Premier said it "helps all people in need regardless of race, gender or creed, and hopes to bring 'sight to those who are powerful and those who are not".

"Long may it teach us how to live on earth, as neighbours and friends and servants of the common good," he said. "Long may it speak, as it does today, to our hearts."

Mr Carr described the Catholic aid and development agency as a "noble institution", which is "now more needed than ever before".

"In the Sudan in the wake of the recent horrific slaughter, and in South-East Asia in the wake of the recent horrific tsunami, Caritas has been vividly present rescuing, salvaging, comforting, feeding and showing devastated peoples there is a future, and how to deal with its challenges," he said.

Funds raised for Project Compassion - the main fundraising actvity for Caritas Australia - will go towards the UN millennium goal of halving world poverty by 2015 through an AIDS program in South Africa and the Pacific, clean water projects in Eastern Africa, income raising and community development projects in Cambodia and help for the devastated victims of the tsunami.

Donations to Project Compassion can be made by calling toll free on 1800 024 413, or by sending cheques or money orders made payable to 'Caritas Australia' to Caritas Australia, 19 MacKenzie St, North Sydney NSW 2060.

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10 Feb 2005