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Bishops welcome PM's commitment on abortion debate

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference yesterday issued a statement welcoming the Prime Minister's willingness to allow a debate on abortion.

Although he said the Government would not sponsor any legislation aimed at restricting Medicare funding of abortion, Mr Howard has given the go-ahead for a parliamentary debate on abortion, provided a private member's bill emerged and there was a groundswell of support for such a discussion.

Archbishop Francis Carroll, President of the Australia Catholic Bishops Conference, said that abortion is a matter of concern in the community with strong views held by many people.

"It is important that social policy be based on reliable information and that we have a better understanding of the reasons that lead to women choosing abortion," he said. "No-one should argue for suppressing information that would help women in distressing circumstances."

The Catholic Church remains committed to offering services to assist women faced with difficulties in pregnancy.

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10 Feb 2005