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Bishop says water conservation is a moral duty

The threat of a dire water shortage is another warning for Australians to wake up to the gifts that God has given us, or be guilty of "culpable ignorance", according to Bishop Chris Toohey, chairman of Catholic Earthcare.

Bishop Toohey said that while government initiatives are welcome, people have a moral obligation to do what they can to conserve water in their daily lives.

"From a spiritual point of view, we believe that God is alerting us through (these warnings) and we have to take notice," he told the Catholic Weekly.

He was responding to a Water Services Association report which says water restrictions will not be enough to prevent a massive national fresh water crisis by 2030 (a shortfall of 818 gigalitres) because of declining levels of rainfall and high levels of water use.

Sydney and Brisbane will be the worst-affected, followed by Melbourne and Perth.

Experts consider Australia is in the grip of an indefinite water shortage despite this week's deluge and record rains in some parts of the Eastern states.

The report says Sydney will have to reduce its water consumption by half and calls for a turn-around in attitudes to water use.

Bishop Toohey says we must "conserve water where we can by using water-efficient toilets and shower heads; we can be conscious about taking shorter showers, about using car washes where they recycle the water".

"Morally, how on earth can we proceed the way we are when there's any doubt as to the consequences? That's culpable ignorance.

"Through Earthcare, the Catholic Church has got to promote people's sense of awe, wonder and reverence for the gifts that God has given us, including the earth, our water and the air we breathe, so that conservation is not a chore that we do grudgingly, but something we do out of love for God and gratitude for what God has given us."

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4 Feb 2005