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Media makes big deal of Pope's 'little fever'

Pope John Paul II's rest in Rome's Gemelli Polyclinic, for what papal spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls called "just a little fever", has been subject to an unusual rush of media attention over the past 24 hours.

Tests showed the pontiff's heart and breathing were normal after he was admitted to hospital with respiratory problems. He was rushed there early yesterday Australian time from his Vatican apartment, where he had been battling the flu for several days.

Anxiety has been running high over the Pope's Parkinson's disease and other ailments, but the spokesman said that the decision to admit him to hospital was "mainly a precaution."

He noted that the Pope was not in intensive care but in the same tenth floor suite of rooms where he has been during several previous stays at the clinic.

The pope has the flu and acute laryngeal tracheitis, he said, acknowledging that John Paul had a "certain difficulty in breathing."

The papal spokesman denied Italian news reports that John Paul had a CAT scan at the hospital. He said more tests would be done today.

Anticipating a downturn in the Holy Father's condition, Melbourne's Herald-Sun today published special tributes to the Pope and an article speculating on possible successors. The report suggests there are no clear favourites at present, but "if the conclave were to be held this year, Vatican experts say the cardinals could find themselves looking towards a compromise candidate -- possibly Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, a pragmatic conservative who has been the current pontiff's right-hand man on doctrinal issues".

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3 Feb 2005