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Pell backs Pope resolve to carry on

Sydney's Cardinal George Pell has said that Pope John Paul II should remain in his position as pontiff as long as he can communicate, despite being "gravely sick".

Cardinal Pell told the media that the Holy Father should continue to lead the church even if he can only communicate by writing.

"The Pope has said he is not going to retire, I accept that," said Pell, who is one of the cardinal-electors who will choose a new pope.

However, he said if the pope's health deteriorated badly, then other options may need to be considered.

"If the Pope would completely lose his faculties, and that looked as though that might go on for quite a while, then we've got a new situation," Pell told news agency Australian Associated Press after mass yesterday.

Pope John Paul II was rushed to hospital last Thursday for the second time this month suffering from complications of the flu and other ailments including Parkinson's disease. He is currently breathing through a hole in his throat after a tracheotomy on Thursday that left him unable to speak and dependent on written messages as his only means of communication.

Pell requested the congregation to pray for the Holy Father, whom he described as "gravely sick".

"He's gravely sick, he's been very sick for quite some time. He's obviously deteriorated further," said Cardinal Pell. "We don't know what the prognosis is. We should certainly pray for him at this time that his faith will remain strong and that he will be peaceful," he said after Sunday mass.

Pell, who will flies to Rome today on a pre-scheduled trip, is one of the 120 cardinal-electors from around the world required to attend the closed conclave which meets in Rome's Sistine Chapel to elect Popes under the strict protocol set out in the church document, the Universi Dominici Gregis.

He said the trip has nothing to do with the Pope's health, adding: "I'm off to Rome tomorrow for a couple of meetings this week and a meeting next week.

"I'll be back today fortnight if nothing spectacular happens in the next week."

Meanwhile the Pope made a surprise appearance at his hospital window in Rome at 9:00 pm last night Sydney time. This was the first sighting of him since undergoing surgery on his throat last Thursday. He was expected to miss his regular Sunday appearance.

Aides wheeled him to the window shortly after midday local time. He waved to the applauding crowd outside the Gemelli Hospital, made the sign of the cross and touched his throat briefly as he lingered at the closed window for a couple of minutes.

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28 Feb 2005