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New Pope book hits Jewish sensitivities

A new book by Pope John Paul II, in which he likens abortion to a new Holocaust, has outraged Jewish groups appalled by what they say is a lack of understanding on the part of the Church.

The comparison is highlighted in a passage of the Holy Father's fifth book, "Memory and Identity", a volume of reflections on ideological conflicts of the 20th century released to Italian newspapers ahead of its publication in Italy on Wednesday.

The president of the Central Council for Jews in Germany, Paul Spiegel, attacked the passage in which the Pope links abortion to the mass extermination of six million Jews by Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime.

Alluding to a similar link made by German Cardinal Joachim Meisner in January, Spiegel said it was an unacceptable comparison".

It showed that "the Catholic Church does not understand or does not want to understand that there is an enormous difference between mass genocide and what women do with their bodies".

In the passage which has so offended Jewish groups, the pope begins by saying that "anti-Gospel is the new form of totalitarianism" and that this new totalitarianism is "insidiously hidden behind the appearance of democracy".

"It was a legally elected parliament which allowed the election of Hitler in Germany in the 30s. The same Reichstag gave Hitler the power which opened the way for the political invasion of Europe, the creation of concentration camps, the introcution of the so-called 'final solution' to the Jewish question which led to the extermination of millions of sons and daugthers of Israel."

The pope adds that, just as in the past, there is a need to question the legislation of parliaments which are the product of contemporary democracy.

"The most immediate association of ideas which comes to mind are the laws on abortion. Parliaments which create and promulgate such laws must be conscious that they are abusing their power and remain in open conflict with the law of God".

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21 Feb 2005