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UN Report pushes rich nations to double aid

If rich nations double development aid over the next decade more than 500 million people will escape abject poverty, 250 million will no longer go to bed hungry and 30 million children will be saved accorded to a UN-sponsored report.

The Australian says the report, considered the most comprehensive assessment ever of global poverty, says the money should be spent on long-term projects and quick fixes, such as supplying mosquito nets, repairing roads and creating free school-lunch programs. The paper quotes lead author Jeffrey Sachs, a prominent US economist, as saying most rich nations, including Australia, were not doing enough. Among industrial nations, only Denmark, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands and Luxembourg were spending what they had promised on development aid.

"We have the world's eyes focused on the tsunami of the Indian Ocean," Professor Sachs said yesterday.

"But the world continues to overlook the silent tsunamis of deaths from malaria which take every month the number of people that died in the Asian tragedy."

'Double aid to end global poverty' (The Australian 19/1/05)

19 Jan 2005