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What's the Pope going to do with his new F1 Ferrari?

The Pope was presented with a Formula One Ferrari by the prestige Italian auto manufacturer on Monday. The Vatican Information Service does not report on what he is going to do with it but does report on comments His Holiness made on the importance of sport for modern society.

Speaking to the president, senior management, drivers and technicians from the company who met Pope John Paul in the Clementine Hall at the Vatican Pope John Paul said: "Your presence gives me the opportunity to underline how important sport is, also for modern society. The Church considers sporting activity, practiced in full respect for the rules, to be a worthwhile educational instrument, especially for the young generations."

The Pope congratulated the company on recent victory in the world championships. The VIS media release says His Holiness "highlighted the 'enthusiasm deriving from community spirit' that was chiefly responsible for Ferrari's 'notable sporting and industrial achievements.' He urged them to 'continue to cultivate this approach to your work, and make constant growth in solidarity one of your principal objectives. In this way you will disseminate the values of sport and, at the same time, contribute to building a more just and united society.'"

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18 Jan 2005