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NSW Catholic Education justifies fee rises

A Herald survey of 48 private secondary schools reveals fee rises of up to 20 per cent and an average increase of 8.3 per cent. Not one school surveyed will cut fees and the big increases involve the most expensive independent schools and Catholic institutions run by religious orders.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, many schools say the fee rises are needed to cover large teacher pay rises over the next two years. Uncertainty over the future level of federal grants has also seen large rises at prestigious Catholic schools. Loreto Normanhurst has raised fees by 12 per cent for the second successive year.

The executive director of the NSW Catholic Education Commission, Brian Croke, said schools like Kincoppal-Rose Bay faced federal grant cuts because the socio-economic profile of their students had risen.

"Some Catholic schools will need to increase their fees significantly this year because their Commonwealth grants will be reduced," Dr Croke said.

"Many others will need disproportionate increases from 2005 to 2008 because they need to start planning for likely grant decreases from 2009."

Bill Daniels, of the Independent Schools Council of Australia, said some schools were making "political judgements" to raise fees now, fearing Commonwealth grant reductions after 2008.

"The 8.3 per cent [increase] is not out of whack with other movements, particularly the increase in salaries which drives costs," he said.

Price of going private hits $18,000 a year as fees soar (Sydney Morning Herald 10/1/05)

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12 Jan 2005