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Kenyan slum dwellers donate money to tsunami victims

Parishioners at Christ the King Catholic church in Kibera, Nairobi gave generously to a special collection for survivors of the Indian Ocean seaquake. The sum collected will go to support people in Sri Lanka.

"Our Christians from Christ the King Catholic Church in solidarity with the earthquake victims decided to join hands during this common effort sharing the little they have" said Father Raul Nava Trujillo of the Missionaries of Guadalupe in charge of the parish in Nairobi.

"Our people in the Kibera slum are poor but also very generous since they know what is means to sleep with an empty stomach" he said.

"Several times we experienced that in crisis even small support from different parts of the world makes all the difference. The special collection made on December 31 is being channelled through the Brothers of Charity to Sri Lankan victims.

"It was amazing to see how widows, single mothers, youth and children readily offered a few coins," Father Raul concluded.

Kenyan slum dwellers donate money to tsunami victims (Independent Catholic News (7/1/05)

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10 Jan 2005