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Catholic League president with a 'tough edge'

In November, when Planned Parenthood protested the federal government's decision to allow its employees in 27 Illinois counties to choose a Catholic health plan run by the Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis, William Donohue (pictured) made his voice heard.

Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights in New York, issued a press release saying "taxpayers are forced to fork over a quarter-billion dollars of federal funds each year to support Planned Parenthood's agenda, but all of a sudden the officials at the so-called pro-choice organization feel threatened by some Catholic nuns and want to deny federal workers freedom of choice."

Catholic Online) reports some say he's too brash and has a chip on his shoulder. And the 57-year-old Donohue admits as much.

"I'm New York Irish and, yeah, there's a tough edge to me when I'm on TV," he told The Catholic New World, Chicago's archdiocesan newspaper.

Donohue, a frequent guest on news and commentary shows, said that people who know him off camera wouldn't say he is mean or angry.

"But," he added, "when I'm in a debate on TV, I go in prepared and I go in to win."

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6 Jan 2005