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Basra bishop says Iraq vote signals fresh optimism

The Chaldean Archbishop of the southern Iraqi city of Basra has said that elections "are everything" for his people, and that from this point onwards they "can start hoping again".

AsiaNews reports that Archbishop Djibrail Kassab said that families returning from the polling stations told him they were "happy and optmistic". He described the situation is generally calm, with various members of the faithful telling him that they had been "suprised by the efficiency and organisation of the polling stations".

Estimates suggest that more than 70% of the population voted, a significantly figure than predicted. The Financial Times says that unlike the situation in other parts of Iraq, attempts by insurgents to intimidate the population into staying at home "clearly failed".

"We prayed for peace and democracy; we did so in the past, are doing so today, and will continue in the future," he said. "Christians, like all Iraqis, want nothing more than a government, a constitution, democracy".

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31 Jan 2005