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Caritas thank you to tsunami appeal donors

Yesterday - a month after the earthquake which devastated South East Asia - Caritas Australia issued a statement thanking the many Australians who donated funds to its relief effort, which raised $9 million in donations.

Caritas Australia is currently a leading organisation in the International Caritas network responding to the disaster.

The support is being delivered through Caritas' long-term partners in affected countries, including: Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Indonesia and Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in Indonesia; Caritas Sri Lanka - SEDEC - in Sri Lanka; Caritas India in India; the Catholic Office for Emergency Relief and Refugees (COERR) in Thailand and other programs of the Catholic Church in Thailand.

Key responses to the disaster and our on-going activities include emergency health assistance to around 50,000 affected families in Sri Lanka, and 100 relief camps covering 125,000 people in Thailand; and 44,500 families or 222,500 people in India. Clean drining water is being suppied to 457,000 displaced people in Indonesia, as well as 100 relief camps covering 125,000 people in Thailand, around 50,000 affected families in Sri Lanka, and 44,500 families or 222,500 people in India. Sanitation items are being supplied to people in Indonesia, Thailand and India.

Other initiatives include food, the construction of interim shelters, and a focus on immediate and ongoing psycho-social needs.

Caritas Australia will participate in further situation assessments in Sri Lanka in early February. In Indonesia, Caritas Australia will place a shelter person in-country as part of the assessment and design stage for a shelter program on the west coast for 10,000 households. We will also establish a local management structure that draws upon our shelter experience in East Timor.

Many of the affected countries are existing priority areas for Caritas Australia's long-term development work, with well-established local partnerships already in place. Caritas Australia's work in the post-disaster stage will be conducted through our local partners. This will be mainly rehabilitation and reconstruction work which will continue for many years, in some cases up until to 2010.

On Ash Wednesday, Caritas Australia will start raising funds for Project Compassion, the largest fund-raising appeal for overseas aid and development in Australia.

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27 Jan 2005