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Bakhtiaris 'headed for Afghanistan' according to Centacare head

Dale West, friend of the Bakhtiari family and head of the Centacare Adelaide, claims the Bakhtiari have left the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, and are possibly heading for the Afghan border. The family arrived in Pakistan on Sunday morning, Australian time, but have not been seen since.

Mr West told the Sydney Morning Herald that on Monday he talked with people in Pakistan who had spoken with Montazar (the 14-year-old son of Ali and Roqia Bakhtiari) in Islamabad. Mr West's contacts believe the Bakhtiaris are well on their way to Afghanistan.

"The distance between Islamabad and the Afghan border is about 200 to 300 miles so if they have left I expect them to be there by now," said Mr West. "However, I can't say for certain if they are in Afghanistan."

ABC News reports a Pakistani immigration official has confirmed a family deported from Australia arrived in Islamabad on Sunday.

"We allowed them go after someone furnished a personal guarantee that they would return for investigations," he said.

The Pakistani immigration official said the family's nationality could not be ascertained because they did not have any passports or identification papers when they arrived in Islamabad.

"The person who gave guarantee later took them to Flashman's Hotel in nearby Rawalpindi," he said.

The hotel staff confirm that Bakhtiyaris came on Sunday, but were denied accommodation because they did not have passports or valid identification.

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5 Jan 2005