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Goodall case causing more embarrassment to Church

Fr Terence Norman Goodall, 64, from Penshurst, yesterday admitted two counts of indecent assault in the Sydney District Court. He will be sentenced next week.

In Court yesterday, Judge Philip Bell said: "There appears to have been a culture in religious institutions that dealt with these matters less rigidly than today. That may account for the distress this victim has endured, but I have to be careful not to allow that to intrude into my [assessment of] criminality."

The Daily Telegraph reports that the case has brought to light a police raid on Cardinal Pell's office to sieze letters relating to the case.

The newspaper reports: "Goodall twice assaulted the 'extremely devout' 29-year-old in January, 1982 – once at a Cronulla swimming pool and again at a presbytery."

"The victim reported the abuse to senior church officials the next day, in January, 1982, but nothing was done."

"In 2003, prompted by the Wood royal commission which exposed the cover-up of sexual abuse, the victim complained again."

"Mr Pell [sic] convened an investigation but found no evidence."

Police raid on Pell's city office (Daily Telegraph 21/1/05)

21 Jan 2005