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Catholic could lead C of E: Anglican Bishop

The Birmingham Post is quoting the Anglican Bishop of Worcester as saying "There is no reason why a Roman Catholic, advised by Ministers, who can be of any religious persuasion or none, could not be the supreme governor of the Church of England."

The newspaper reports the bishop has called for an end to centuries-old laws barring the monarch from marrying a Catholic or becoming one. Bishop Peter Selby (pictured) spoke in the House of Lords as peers debated proposals to change the rules governing the succession to the throne.
The Bill of Rights, of 1689, states that anybody who "shall profess the Popish religion, or shall marry a Papist, shall be excluded, and be for ever incapable to inherit, possess or enjoy the Crown".

The ban on Catholics was reinforced in the 1701 Act of Settlement, which insisted the monarch, who is also head of the Anglican Church, must "join in communion with the Church of England".

'Catholic could lead C of E' (Birmingham Post 19/1/05)

20 Jan 2005