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Bakhtiyaris arrive back in Afghanistan

CentreCare Director Dale West has confirmed the Bakhtiyari family is back in Afghanistan according to media reports today. He would not reveal their exact location for fears for their safety.

Mr West acted as guardian for most of the Bakhtiyari children after they were released from detention - Alamdar, 16, Montazer, 14, Nagina, 12, Samina, 10, and Amina, 10.

The Bakhtiyaris were deported from Australia last month after an unsuccessful five-year struggle to gain asylum in Australia.

According to a report in The Age refugee advocates have attempted to keep the family's location a secret, certain they would be in danger as ethnic Hazaras in Afghanistan. Advocates have also claimed the family would be best served returning to Afghanistan where they have friends and family.

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20 Jan 2005