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Sister is nun the richer

A Catholic sister in Scotland scooped a 69,000 prize from a budget airline - but is nun the richer because she immediately gave it all away.

Sister Kathleen Murphy, 50, was awarded the windfall by being the 100millionth passenger to fly with Ryanair.

She had used the no-frills carrier to make a mercy dash from Edinburgh to Ireland to visit her sick 90-year-old mother, who has since made a full recovery.

The nun said she chose Ryanair because her vow of poverty meant she had to take the cheapest air transport option she could find.

Sister Kathleen, of St Catharine's Convent in Edinburgh, said her prize-winning would be donated to her convent to help the hungry.

She said: "I announced the news at breakfast and there was a huge cheer."

Sister Kathleen, who has been a nun since the age of 16, added: "I felt a huge sense of relief and freedom when I found out I had won, because I knew I wouldn't have to worry how I was going to spend it. I knew it would go to those who needed it."

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14 Dec 2004