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Catholic body calls for work and family balance

Further award provisions should be introduced to support workers in balancing their employment and family commitments, the Catholic Church's employment relations body has told the Family Provisions Test Case.

Nicholas Green QC, appearing for the Australian Catholic Commission for Employment Relations (ACCER), said that Catholic Social Teaching recognises the importance of balancing work and family responsibilities.

Mr. Green submitted that there is great diversity amongst industries, workplaces and the needs of individual employees.

Factors such as the nature of the employee's work, the employee's family and personal circumstances, the cost of accommodating the request, the impact on other workers and service recipients and the capacity to reorganise work arrangements will have a bearing on whether employee requests can be agreed to and implemented in each workplace.

ACCER's written submission to the case stated that work is one of the foundations for the formation of family life:

"While a family is often dependent on the income earned through work, the formation of a family also requires a worker to have the right to rest and to be able to attend to family and community commitments and to provide for the emotional and spiritual care and support of family members," the submission says.

Catholic body calls for work and family balance (Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference 14/12/04)

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14 Dec 2004