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Bishops, Orders welcome Children in Care report

The Australian Catholic Bishops and the Leaders of Religious Institutes yesterday welcomed the Report of the Senate Inquiry into Children in Institutional Care. In a combined statement, they renewed the apology to first made in the 1996 document, Towards Healing.

"We have been moved by the courage of those who have laid bare their experiences before the Committee. The revelations contained in the report are the very opposite of all that we would wish to stand for. We are also deeply regretful for the hurt caused whenever the Church's response has denied or minimised the pain that victims have experienced. And we regret the hurt and distress caused to the many good people who have worked in this area."

The statement went on to announce the formation of a "Senate Inquiry Action Group" which includes, Dr Kristin Johnston, Australian Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutes, Fr Brian Lucas, Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, Br Kevin Ryan, Christian Brothers, Mr Paul Linossier, Catholic Welfare Australia, and Ms Myolene Carrick, Catholic Welfare Australia. The Action Group will examine the recommendations from the Senate Inquiry and advise the bishops and religious leaders as to how they can be implemented in the life of the Church.

Statement on Senate Report into Children in Institutional Care Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference (14/12/04)

Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference
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14 Dec 2004