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US Catholic author praises Wiggles' Jesus songs

Leading Catholic author Amy Welborn has praised Australia's Wiggles children's entertainment act for performing songs that mention Jesus in their Christmas special.

Welborn is a respected conservative Catholic author who writes a daily blog and recently published De-Coding Da Vinci: The Facts Behind the Fiction of The Da Vinci Code.

She said that last year she was pleasantly surprised that they performed "Jesus songs".

She wrote in her blog: "This year, what with the Wiggles being on the Disney channel for nigh on two years now, I thought they would surely have had their US content Disney-fied and Jesus wiped out, or at least grown some ears. But no! Caught a bit of this year's Christmas special this morning, and within ten minutes, heard 2 Jesus songs."

She referred to their performance of Silent Night, sung in English and Spanish by a small Mexican group, with the song accompanied by images from Catholic churches.

"There were lots of shots of very traditional church interiors, Madonna and Child imagery, and one shot of a slew of nuns kneeling in pews."

The Sydney-based Wiggles, who have become highly successful in the US over the past two years, have participated in several promotions for the St Vincent de Paul Society. They currently have a CD on sale at Vinnies stores across Australia.

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14 Dec 2004