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Group says civil unions OK a "sad day" for NZ

While official Catholic Church reaction is yet to be reported, Catholic news services are quoting Family Life International's assessment that last week's Parliamentary Decision in Wellington "makes an absolute mockery of due democratic process and will have many negative implications for future generations".

"Because of the drastic changes that this law will bring about," said the statement, "those who proposed this legislation had the obligation to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it will not be detrimental to traditional marriage, the foundational relationship of all healthy and thriving societies."

"Instead of satisfying this obligation the supporters of this legislation set about a campaign of miscommunication in regards to the actual design and implications of this Bill, by falsely claiming that it would grant legal rights that it simply does not grant," it continues.

The group includes among "victims" of the new law, homosexuals wishing to "extract themselves from the gay lifestyle", and future generations of New Zealanders who will without doubt find themselves the children of homosexual parents.

Calling on New Zealanders to show their anger at the ballot box when the next General Election comes around, the group said that "all of the once great societies who have long since passed away have the erosion and blurring of the traditional family as one of the major reasons for their downfall."

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13 Dec 2004