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Persecution today for 'mad monk' Abbott

Pro-abortion protestors plan a demonstration at 10:00 am this morning outside the Manly, Sydney, office of Federal Health Minister and outspoken Catholic politician Tony Abbott. reports that the event, which coincides with the rising of Parliament yesterday, will feature a mobile billboard which reads 'Keep religion out of politics', "Don't let the Church govern Australia', 'Pro-Choice'. There will be music - The Hallelujah Chorus - as well as placards.

The mobile billboard cost several thousand dollars, which Crikey says was raised by passing the collection plate around among some of Abbott's moderate senior Liberal colleagues.

"They are sick of his intervention in the abortion debate. He raised the issue again in the party room earlier this week and a pro-life group has a meeting scheduled for tonight to carry on the debate off the back of Abbott's agenda."

"His moderate colleagues don't believe he should be taking his riding instructions from the Pope," reports Crikey. "They also don't see why women should be denied Medicare rebates for abortions when many of these same women are taxpayers themselves."

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10 Dec 2004