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US couple launches action against Queensland cult leader

A wealthy US couple has launched legal action against alleged Magnificat Meal Movement (MMM) "cult" leader Debra Geileskey for refusing to repay a $600,000 property loan.

The Courier-Mail reports that Claire and Dr Antoine Mansour also claim they intend to sue Ms Geileskey for millions of dollars over claims they had been involved in the production of a pornographic movie.

MMM fell into controversy in the late 1990s when Ms Geileskey claimed to have received personal messages from the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ.

At its height, the cult attracted more than 400 people to monthly, first Saturday devotions at a former convent next door to St Joseph's Catholic church in Helidon at the base of the Toowoomba range in Queensland.

Companies linked to Ms Geileskey and MMM are reported to have purchased large parcels of land and properties in the Lockyer Valley.

The Mansours - who are former MMM members and live in Beverley Hills - claim they lent Ms Geileskey money for one of the Lockyer Valley properties which she intended to cultivate as a tree farm.

"I pray for her soul to come back to God because she is a soul God loves," Mrs Mansour told the Courier-Mail. "God is love and you can't run away from him like this. We want her to come back to God and to bring the money back."

Mrs Mansour claimed to be most upset by alleged letters written by Ms Geileskey which linked the couple to the production of a pornographic movie.

She said she became a member of MMM after seeing a video of Ms Geileskey in the 1980s and they became friends before the money was lent to Ms Geileskey about four years ago.

The relationship soured and Mrs Mansour said she began to have her doubts about the so-called cult leader when she refused to respond to requests for the money.

US couple launches action against cult leader (The Courier Mail 8/12/04)

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8 Dec 2004