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Melbourne bishop regrets politically-correct Christmas downgrade

Auxiliary Bishop Christopher Prowse has said that the tendency to remove the religious aspects of Christmas is a growing but regrettable trend.

Some Australian local government authorities and company executives have been downscaling their celebration of Christmas, especially specifically Christian aspects such as nativity displays, in order to avoid offence to non-Christians. Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore was criticised last week for restricting her Council's budget on Christmas celebrations to $600,000.

But The Age reports today the Melbourne City Council is resisting the trend. It says the city council will spend $1.74 million on events this festive season, which is almost three times the amount of Sydney's outlay.

Lord Mayor John So said: "When you live in a multicultural society, you should be inclusive and add things to a society, not take things away."

Today, the Jewish community begins an eight-day celebration of Hanukkah, with a community gathering in Federation Square.

The president of the Islamic Council of Victoria, Yasser Soliman, told The Age that Muslims have no problem with Christians celebrating their faith.

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7 Dec 2004